The Element Diamond Elite Rewards Program

As an Element Diamond Elite buyer, you have exclusive access to fresh inventory every Friday at the Private Store.

Element Diamond Elite buyers are our most loyal and frequent buyers. As part of this exclusive group, you have first access to a diverse fleet of quality inventory that’s priced right and will help you gain and maintain an advantage over your competition.

Find a robust selection of inventory that priced ready to sell. Inventory is listed and available for pick-up at over 70 Manheim locations across the country.

How do I qualify for Element Diamond Elite status? Buyers that purchase 30+ units per calendar year are awarded this exclusive status. Purchases are reviewed monthly and qualified buyers are granted access to the Diamond Elite Closed Sale.

  • Closed sale every Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST
  • Hundreds of units list in each sale

Remarketing by Element Private Store

Shop for fresh inventory every day on

Enjoy access to a diverse fleet of quality inventory to grow your business. Find a robust daily selection of fresh inventory prices to sell. You will find inventory listed and conveniently located at over 70 Manheim locations across the country.

Sale Schedule

Daily Open Sale:

Tuesday – Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm EST

Closed Diamond Elite Sale:

Friday, 9 am – 4 pm EST

Weekend Open Sale:

Friday, 4 pm – Monday, 5 pm EST

Element Certified Inventory

Exclusively at Manheim

Element Certified vehicles are inspected before sale to meet PSI inspection points requirements for structural and mechanical condition.

Each Element Certified vehicle comes with a 7-day, 300-mile guarantee from date of sale.

Element Certified does not cover body defect reported on an Insight Condition Report.

$50 Buyer Certification fee applies

How Can You Spot an Element Vehicle at Manheim Auctions?

Look for the Logo

You can easily identify Element inventory at your favorite Manheim location by looking for the Element flag or decal. The flag will also indicate what inventory is Certified.